Is “Grit” a Factor in College Admissions? How Do I get Some?

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“Grit" is an amorphous quality comprised of character and commitment, and a buzzword that has been popular among educators and admissions officers in recent years. Students and parents are wondering how much it matters, and how they can demonstrate something so vague and varied on their college applications. How do we quantify, measure and develop “grit" in our students?

It's my belief that everyone possesses grit -- we just show it in different ways. Grit is a combination of your strengths and the way you respond to challenges. A class president with a list of successful achievements at school school and a student who had to fight against family instability to even make to the classroom each day both have grit. Your grit might appear on the soccer field and propel you to be a team leader. If you struggled academically but put in the work to raise your grades over time, that's grit.

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