Campus Life

The Greek Decision

Fraternities and Sororities: That’s what we’re talking about here — whether to join or remain a “GDI” (“Gosh Darn Independent” [a censored version of that term]).

All you recently minted high school graduates who will enter your respective halls of ivy this fall (or late summer) have no doubt encountered the so-called “Greek Index” as you conducted your college search. One of the criteria you may have weighed about your candidate schools may have been how prevalent and influential fraternity and sorority life is on campus and how that factor impacts student social life.

Questions you may have asked include “If I choose not to join a frat or sorority, what options are available for a GDI?” Another perhaps more important question that might go unasked is “What kinds of initiation practices do these organizations conduct for pledges?” It seems as though we’ve seen more than a reasonable level of negative headlines about hazing over the past several years, or maybe even longer.

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