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Graduation Rates of The Big Dancers

Have you been watching the seeming wall-to-wall coverage of the NCAA basketball tournament? One can always tell when it's Big Dance season by listening for (mainly) older women in the supermarket complaining about their "stories" (a.k.a. soap operas) being bumped for b-ball. In the evenings during Dance season, it seems as though every push of your remote's channel-change button results in revealing yet another group of 10 men or women running up and down the hardwood.

It's a national mania. It's also a showcase for big and smaller colleges to show off their athletic programs. But what about the purpose of college? Aren't these gifted b-ballers supposed to be getting an education that will allow them to go out into the "real" world beyond the basketball court and find happiness and success in a meaningful life's work? (I know; that all sounds almost ridiculously idealistic, doesn't it?)

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