Preparing for College

GPA Cutoffs

Question: I applied to a university and my GPA was a 2.242 and I needed a 2.5. My application was denied. How do I appeal that decision?

Larger universities get so many applications that they apply more rigidly quantitative selection criteria than smaller schools that look at personal qualities. Your GPA was probably the major factor for your denial.

To appeal, your should write a letter or e-mail to the dean of admissions and offer some supporting information that shows, if possible, that your academic performance was on the rise and continued to rise after you submitted your application. Perhaps your guidance counselor would be willing to write also, or even better, make a phone call on your behalf.

However, be prepared for the likelihood that your appeal will also be denied. This is due to the high number of qualified applicants universities receive. The reason for the 2.5 GPA requirement is that the university wants to be sure that you have the academic strength and/or motivation to succeed in college.