Preparing for College

Got Questions? Well, Ask the Dean!

Now that we're nearing the end of March, the college admissions process becomes a bit more stressful. Some of you high school seniors may have already gotten decisions for your applications. I hope that the majority of your news has been good. If some has been less than good (denials, waitlistings, or acceptances for other than fall term), you have my condolences and empathy. Many of you also have yet to hear from your colleges. The Ivies will be forthcoming later in March, usually before the end of the month. Of course, there will be the usual full range of emotions attached to that, with acceptances, denials, and waitlistings, and financial aid packages, both good and bad. March can be the cruelest month.

Then comes April, a month of decisions that leads up to May 1, the traditional D-Day: Decision Day for enrollment deposits. Of course there are exceptions to the May 1 enrollment decision deadline, but May Day stands above all the other deadlines. Choosing a school is a huge decision, not only for you, the high school senior, but also for your family, who will be a crucial part of your support team, for financial, practical, and moral support. Between now and then, you'll no doubt have myriad questions about what to do and how to think. Where can you turn when the answers aren't easily forthcoming.

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