Preparing for College

'Got Knowledge from College?

Parents, have you ever asked yourself what you learned in college? Speaking for myself, I would have to say that I learned how to learn. I suppose that I can recall certain facts and dates about various specific subjects, but overall, the main thrust of my college "education" was extracting strategies and methodologies about how to find out what I needed to know about the topic of the moment for me.

This raises another much broader question: Why did we go to college and why have we or will we send our children there? The main, if not exactly articulated answers seem to be: "So they can get a good job" or "So they can be happy and successful in life." Obviously, it's quite possible to get a good job without a college degree and there are many folks out there who are quite happy and successful in their lives without having graduated from an institution of higher learning. But, for those of us who have invested (or will invest) many thousands of dollars in our kids' educations, what should we expect?

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