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Good Colleges with Good Eats

Food ranks high on teenagers' priority lists. I can't document this statement, but I'm willing to bet that more than one high school senior has made a college enrollment decision based on his or her reaction to the quality of food encountered on a campus visit. Trust me; there is a huge variation in the appeal of food across the thousands of schools out there. I can't help but be reminded of the cafeteria scene in Animal House, when Bluto goes through the chow line at Faber College. He loads his tray with what looks like seven metric tons of every conceivable food item (all of which look rather appetizing), and he even samples some of the day's menu while loading up.

This scene reminds me of my own college-food days, which were positively prehistoric by today's gourmet standards. As a side note, you might want to check out the name of the person in charge of campus food services. During my freshman year, there was a gentleman in charge whose last name was Bloodgood. Hmm. Not that appealing in relation to salads and meatballs, but today (if he were still in charge) he may have a kind of cultish appeal for all those students who love the movie Twilight. As if Mr. Bloodgood (why do I keep thinking of "Mr. Goodwrench"?) wasn't edgy enough, one elite university has (or maybe had) a food services director by the name of Orifice. Another interesting connection.

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