Campus Life

Go The Distance

I recall when I was a late-stage junior at Penn State University, my motivation for college started to flag. So, I went to my all-time best counselor on all things--my Dad-- for his opinion about sticking with the program. He was sympathetic to my point of view because, as he mentioned, he had encountered similar enthusiasm issues during his life with long-term projects of his own.

I went on to explain that I was afraid that if I stayed in school that my lack of momentum would backfire into my grades and damage my overall academic profile. Frankly, I was looking for a quick and easy out as fast as I could get one. My Dad listened carefully and calmly with no judgment on his part about my willingness (and wanting) to drop out. After some back and forth to clarify some details, he then gave me what turned out to be one of the best pieces of advice I ever got.

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