Giving Teacher a Résumé Before He Writes My Recommendation?

Question: So my English teacher is going to write my college recommendation, and my mother said that I should give him a résumé because I'm quiet in class (actually pretty shy in general) so he may not know me well enough to write about me. He already agreed to write the letter and he didn't ask me for a résumé , so I feel kind of funny just giving it to him. Should I do it anyway?

As a mother myself, it pains me to say this, but your mom is wrong (this time!). 😉 When a student needs a teacher recommendation, it is NOT a good idea to present the teacher with an unsolicited résumé (or at least not ONLY a résumé ) because then the teacher is likely to use that résumé as a crutch (e.g., “Alex has been in the Spanish club for 4 years and is co-editor of the literary magazine"). College officials will see this information elsewhere in the application, and they are asking for a teacher reference in order to get a snapshot of their applicant in the classroom.

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