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Getting A Fresh(man) Start

Be it hereby known to all Politically Correct (PC) Policemen … In this article, I will refer to a first-year college student as a “freshman" or, as a group, “freshmen," regardless of their gender. I'll leave the terms “freshperson," “freshwoman," or even “freshwomyn" to others more socially astute than I am. I've even heard PC addicts propose “fresh carbon-based unit" to further nullify gender bias, but I'll save that jewel for a future opus.Now that we have disclaimers out of the way, let's get to the point of offering some advice to all of you about-to-be college freshmen out there. Your life is about to change in significant ways and you may need some tips on adjusting your behaviors and thinking in order to negotiate the major changes you're about to experience.

In surveying the Web for inspiration on the the topic of getting off on the right college-freshman foot, I came across a solid roundup article on U.S. News: 10 Tips College Freshmen Should Know.

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