Getting on College Mailing Lists Post-PSAT

Question: Hey, so I had already taken the PSAT and on the area where it asks if I would like my information sent out to other colleges, I think I had clicked “no" and now I am regretting it. Is there any way that I could get my information to colleges now, even though I had missed that opportunity?

Be careful what you wish for! As the mother of a high school senior who answered “Yes" to the college-information question when he first took the PSAT in grade 10, I must warn you that, if you change your stance, you should steel yourself for a propaganda overload. You could get so much email (and snail-mail too) from all sorts of colleges that it may be hard for you to see the forest through the trees. In other words, important mail from colleges (or from anyone else) might get lost in the avalanche of unsolicited materials.

Still eager for the onslaught? Here are your next steps:

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