The College Search

Getting on College Mailing Lists

Question: I'm a high school sophomore, and I've already taken the PSATs, but I didn't check the box to receive information from colleges. Is there any way now that I can still get on the lists?

"The Dean" contacted the College Board and asked if it's too late for you to join the Student Search (that's the outfit that forwards your name to various colleges based on the information you provide when you register for the PSATs).

The folks at the College Board wrote back very promptly and said this:

Please have the student contact Student Search Service directly at

800-626-9795. They are located at the College Board Office in Reston, Virginia.

You should definitely follow up on that. In doing so, however, keep in mind that some colleges do not send their "propaganda" to sophomores. Since you will take the PSAT again in October, as a junior, you should be sure to check the "Student Search" box on the registration, and your mailbox will soon be full.

In the meantime, you should also register at . This site is a very good one that offers ongoing information about scholarships for which you might be eligible, based on information you provide on a brief online questionnaire. It's free and completely legitimate, and it also gives you the option of getting on some college mailing lists, too.

Finally, most colleges now have "Send me info" forms (or something like that) on their Web sites. So, if you have started to think about specific colleges and you visit their sites, you can often sign up to receive their electronic and snail-mail brochures and updates.