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Question: I am an older community college student hoping to transfer to a competitive four-year university in September. I just found out that I need to retake the standardized tests that I took over a decade ago when I was in high school. I can schedule ACT's the first week of February, but the results may not get to the colleges I am applying to in time. How will this affect my chances of admission?

Rather than waiting for official score reports to be mailed to you and your target colleges, we suggest that you pay to see your ACT scores online, which will be possible by Feb. 17-19 (for an $8 fee for each viewing). Look at your scores with your community college transfer counselor (or an equivalent college official) present, and then have her (or him) telephone the scores to the colleges that need them immediately, offering assurances that the official version of your score report is on the way. Many colleges will be able to make decisions based on this sort of verbal report or may ask your counselor to follow up by e-mail, letter, or fax.

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