When You Get the Slacker Guidance Counselor ...

Question: How can you assure that your guidance counselor meets all necessary deadlines for applications besides making requests early on in the process.  Should all requests be made in writing? We recently missed a substantial scholarship opportunity because our GC neglected to submit our application .  Thank you for your assistance .

Remember when daredevil Nik Wallenda crossed the Grand Canyon on a tight rope? Well, dealing with a slacker guidance counselor can also be a balancing act, albeit not quite as dangerous.

When the counselor has already dropped the ball once, it’s reasonable to worry that it could happen again. But the counselor–who prepares each student’s School Report (which includes a potentially important recommendation) —is holding a lot of cards. So it’s also reasonable to worry that pushing too hard may put you … and your child … in the counselor’s bad graces.

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