Gap Year in France then Community College?

Question: Hi, I am a current high school student in California. I studied French language and culture in France over this past summer with a home-stay program and I loved the experience. I am considering applying to a summer gap year program for current high school students to study in a French high school with a host family, something I believe I would greatly benefit from as an ardent student of French. My high school counselor supports me in this regard, but unlike most other students from my school who chose gap year study abroad programs, I do not have deferred acceptance to a university. Due to some disappointing grades during junior year and not having realized I should have replaced those grades in summer school, I can only see community college as the next step towards a bachelor's degree. I'd like to know: should I pursue acceptance into the study abroad program for next year and then return for two years at a community college with the intentions of transferring to a university (likely the University of California)? Thanks in advance.

“The Dean" can't tell if your study-abroad program would be for just next summer or for the entire school year, but it sounds like you mean the latter. Spending a gap year in France sounds like a great idea for you, as long as it's financially feasible for your family.

However, even if your grades don't make you eligible for a UC school once you return, you don't necessarily have to head to a community college. While community college can be a great way to get a low-cost education while bolstering a mediocre transcript, it is not the ONLY option for most students, even those who compiled a so-so record in high school.

Since it's late in the game for seniors to start researching colleges now, your best bet might be to head to France for the year but spend some time over the summer checking out possible target colleges for your return. Then you can submit your applications next fall or winter while you're in France.

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But if cost is a big concern for you, then community college may be the wise route to take. You might also get so good in French that you could consider a university in France or Quebec (which are often cheaper for American students than many US colleges are).

Whatever you decide, bon courage!