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Your Future Dorm Room

High school seniors have already begun to receive the results of their Early Action and Early Decision applications. Next week, the big mid-December week, will bring the Ivies' ED/SCEA decisions. April may be the cruelest month for the Regular Decision crowd, but December can be one of both elation and disappointment for early applicants.

My topic today addresses dorm rooms and their “decor" (if, indeed, that term may apply to a room where college students live). Gender can play a significant part in how your future dorm room may look. If you are a guy, your room may benefit more from a Spartanesque approach. Simple functionality can pay off by making your room easier to clean, assuming that cleaning is, in fact, on your to-do list. A well-placed TV, futon, or empty beer can temple can augment your simple decorating tastes.

However, if you are female, well, then your room may function as a projection of your good taste and personality. Of course, if you're sharing your room with fellow females, then there may be a need for a United Nations-like summit to decide on what goes where.

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