Frustrated by Profs ... Should Son Stick it Out Anyway?

Question: My son started his freshman year in August. Now it is the middle of October and he is having a hard time. He says that his one lab professor has such a strong accent that no one understands him, so he is spending a huge amount of time teaching himself. His other professor seems to just teach out of the textbook. The other professor has been corrected by my son and others twice. Needless to say, my son is frustrated and overtired. My question is do I let him transfer or do I have him stay for another semester and hope he gets different professors?

Academic satisfaction should, of course, be at the epicenter of every college experience. So, if a student is feeling cheated out of a fruitful situation in the classroom, then it's time to consider going elsewhere. But your son is still new to this college, and I assume he will take different classes next semester. Thus, he may be in a stronger position now to choose better professors for his future classes than the ones he was stuck with this term.

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