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The Fruits of A College Degree - Part 2

Last time, we took a look at the results of a survey that tracked how college graduates are dealing with the realities of life after graduation. We saw some interesting statistics that revealed real-world circumstances vs. the idealistic visions of college students. In other words, for those grads surveyed, we saw that some, who had acquired employment, were far from happy with their incomes and job satisfaction. Others felt that college had not adequately prepared them for certain work, and a few were somewhat neutral about their situations. There were additional key findings too, which bear examining, so take a look.

The reason I've noted this post as "Part 2" of my previous post, is because I have come across related data that could be of possibly greater interest to college students. is a new Web site dedicated to helping recent college grads with their careers. This is primarily about expectations.

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