Frozen Campuses


The Polar Vortex is here! I'm seeing headlines such as: “CHICAGO COLDEST EVER! FROSTBITE IN MINUTES! -60° WIND CHILL MINNEAPOLIS." Note the all-caps, exclamation-pointed emphasis. When I read that headline, the first people I thought of were the students at the University of Chicago, Northwestern University and all the other campuses over which The Vortex will sweep (and has already swept) this week.

It isn't like the regular non-Vortex winter hasn't already caused issues here in the northern climes. Yesterday, I had to make a death-defying trip over the frozen, icy tundra of my driveway in my wife's Honda CR-V. The snow and ice covering my concrete-paved driveway would require a CAT D-9 bulldozer to break it loose. Mother Nature is showing no mercy here at the start of 2019.

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