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“Free Ivy Education”: A Deceptive Headline?

I receive a regular roundup of Web-published stories from LinkedIn every week. The other day, I got one that featured this headline link: How I Attend/Attended Yale & Princeton for Free. My first reaction to seeing that was something along the lines of, “Oh, here's a student from a family whose household income is below the magic 'free-ride' level." Then I clicked the link and saw the details.

After doing a quick scan of the content, I immediately thought of an old Steve Martin standup routine where he effects the loud voice of a TV pitchman and blurts out, “How to be a millionaire and not pay any taxes!" Then, after our curiosity is aroused, he puts his hand over his mouth to obscure his next statement, spoken almost imperceptibly: “First, get a million dollars …" This is what I call a “give 'em a leg then take it away" approach by the LinkedIn headline. (For the benefit of those of you who never heard of the famous old pro football player, Elroy “Crazy Legs" Hirsch, that's what they used to say about his illusive running style. He would “give you a leg" (fake one way) and then “take it away" (change direction untouched).) You might call this headline a bait and switch, but, the article is worth your time to investigate.

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