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If you're like most students, you're applying to more than one college, and tracking your applications, rec letters, transcripts, test scores, interviews and everything else can be a challenge. To help you stay organized, College Confidential created a downloadable application tracker where you can enter your colleges, the associated deadlines, the dates you submitted your required materials and more.

Here's How to Download Your Customizable Tracker

Get Your Copy Here: To download a customizable application tracker, visit this link.

Check a Sample Tracker: To see a sample of what the tracker should look like, click here. This is an example of how the tracker should be completed, but the school-level data should not be used without verification, as it is subject to change.

Check These Tips on How to Use Your Tracker

To make these sheets customizable, click "Use Template" in the upper right of the files and they'll be downloaded to your Google Drive.

Enter your details into the Student Card at the top left of the tracker, along with a link to the Google doc where you are writing your college essays.

Next, enter the names of the colleges on your list in Column B — you have the option of adding average GPA and SAT/ACT scores in the "Averages" columns, which will turn green, yellow or red based on whether you are below, at or above the schools' averages. You can then determine if a school is a reach, match or safety for you. You can also enter average cost, as well as your schools' deadlines and notification dates in columns H and I, as shown in this sample.

Next, you'll add information about when you submitted your application, test scores, rec letters, transcripts, portfolio and interview, if applicable. (Not every field will be applicable to every student).

After you apply, the school will send you a link to its application portal. Enter that URL into column R, as well as your username and password, so you can check in on your application frequently and ensure that nothing is missing from your file. Once you get a decision, you can enter it into column S.

If you have any questions about using the tracker, please write us at

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