Four Tips to Help You Write a Winning SAT Essay


The essay portion of the SAT is always a good idea just in case you start considering a new school later on that requires an essay score. It costs a little extra, but the stress it can help you avoid later (if you end up needing it) is well worth the upfront cost — no one wants to risk losing admission into their dream school over a missing score. Keep in mind, though, that taking the essay portion of the test means your essay score will appear on every report sent to your chosen colleges, whether or not they require it.

The format of the essay on the SAT is pretty simple: You'll have to read some form of text (often an article or speech or something similar) and from there you'll have to describe how that author or speaker makes her or his argument. Your score will essentially gauge your ability to do that effectively. This is not unlike many essays you may have already been assigned at some point in high school, so here are some adapted tricks along those lines that will set you up with a head start:

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