Four AP Classes for Future Speech Pathologist?

Question: This upcoming year I will be in my sophomore year and I am taking one AP, AP Gov, which is the only AP allowed for sophomores.  However, throughout my high school career I currently have 4 AP classes I want to take.  I am afraid that this might not look challenging enough.  The APs I plan on taking are AP Gov, AP Spanish Language, APUSH, AP Psychology and maybe an AP math (Calc or Stats).  What do you recommend that I take?  I wanted to take an AP Science but in my senior year I am taking Anatomy and Physiology because I want to major in Speech Language Pathology.  I would appreciate any guidance to what I should take. Thanks so much.

It’s impossible to answer this question in a vacuum … i.e., without a lot more information about you, and especially about your college goals. But, based on what “The Dean” has been told, here are some thoughts:

If you are aiming for the most selective colleges and universities (those that admit roughly 20 percent of all applicants or fewer), then your “competitor applicants” may be submitting transcripts that are chock-full of AP classes which, in turn, could make your own application seem less impressive.

BUT … the majority of colleges that offer a Speech Pathology major don’t fall under the hyper-competitive rubric. So, if your academic and career plans don’t change, you should be absolutely fine with the program that you have mapped out so far … assuming, of course, that your grades and standardized test scores (where required) are within the typical admitted-student range for the colleges on your list.

Hope you have a great year ahead.