Is Foreign Language Required to get into a "Good" College?

Question: My question is regarding foreign language. I have recently increased my GPA by a significant margin. I should be able to finish the year with a 3.5 at least. But I'm also worried that my recent efforts will all be for naught, since as of now I'm not taking a foreign language class. So my question is that is it required to have foreign language credits to get into a good college?

The Dean is always a little reluctant to respond to queries about getting into a “good" college because “good"—much like beauty—is often in the eye of the beholder. Last year, for instance, I answered a question about transfer admission to a “good" college, but when I asked the student to tell me the “good" colleges he was considering, he named two places that pretty much anyone who's not on life-support could walk into! ;-)

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