For Jobs, Timing Is Everything

What is the purpose of a college education? Ask most parents and they'll tell you that it's to equip our progeny for a job (or, more hopefully, a career) doing what sons and daughters are skilled and motivated to do. I've dedicated a few posts here recently to the job market, citing economic trends and resources. In thinking back to when my son and daughter graduated from college, and comparing their job successes to today's market, the most obvious issue to emerge is timing.

My son graduated in 1999 with his degree in electrical engineering from the New Jersey Ivy. That was during the peak of the dot-com bubble and things were good. He had completed some summer technical internships and had a handsome handful of offers from prominent companies who wooed him with fancy interviews complete with limo pickups at the airports. Our daughter is the liberal arts type and got her English degree from a national liberal arts college in Pennsylvania. She was hired into the publishing realm at graduation in 1995. We were happy parents. But what's the latest news on the situation out there today, as hoards of new graduates hit the streets?

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