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First Days at College: Good or Bad?

Parents, is this your son’s or daughter’s first year of college? If so, what kinds of reactions have you gotten from them about their new lives, especially their classes? Those first few days (or even weeks) can be a real culture shock for many college first-year students.

Of course, this topic wouldn’t be complete without a nostalgic (for me, anyway) look back to my first days and weeks on campus. Okay. Okay. The earth hadn’t completely cooled by the time I set foot on those hallowed grounds of higher education. (Maybe that was why it was so warm that fall, up here in the Northeast.) Anyway, I distinctly recall my parents helping me carry what little I had brought with me into my prison-cell-like room. Compared to the luxury accommodations of today, my room was little more than a storage closet with a bed and a desk.

We got moved in and waited for my roommate and his parents to arrive, which they did after we had finished setting things up. Of course, getting there first gave me the pole position on bed choice. I chose the bed on the north-wall side of the room. My rationale for that was that at home 89.34% of the time I roll out of bed on that side, which was, amazingly, the north side in my home bedroom. Here, if I rolled north, I would merely bump up against a tasteful, mint-green-painted concrete block wall. Better than side rails!

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