Finding Value in Higher Education


It seems as though the world of higher education is in turmoil. Of course the big news right now is the so-called college admissions “scandal," a kind of pay-to-play circus that has snagged (and is snagging) a seemingly ever-increasing cast of victims. The news about that seems to be never ending, and so far has revealed the unpleasant dark side of what has actually been going on for much longer than most of us have suspected, and has called the value of many aspects of college into question.

Along with that is the tsunami of student loan debt, which in some ways threatens the future of countless current and former collegians. As my readers know, this is a particularly alarming situation, in my view, and I have written about it here many times. The issue is of such import that it has become an issue for presidential candidates. Consequently, you'll be reading about this much more in the weeks and months ahead.

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