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Finding Corporate Recruiting Info at Big 10 Schools

Question:My child is considering several of the Big Ten Universities and we live in metropolitan NY. One of the things I am interested in knowing about each school is whether companies based in NYC are recruiting from these universities. Are schools based in the Midwest, i.e. Indiana, Wisconsin on the radar for NYC companies, especially with so many fine institutions located here on the east coast? Are there any places to turn for this information?

You can usually get a lot of this information right from the Internet. For instance, if you go to the Indiana University Web site and then look under “Current Students" near the top of the page, you'll find a link to the “Career Services" on the left side of the page (See Once you click on that, you can read about general or school-specific career advising. For example, if you check out Kelley School of Business career advising ( ) you'll see more links, such as “Top Recruiting Companies" (, with a number of NYC-based enterprises on the roster.

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