Finding A Target Career When You Don't Want A Desk Job


“Working nine to five for a single employer bears little resemblance to the way a substantial share of the workforce makes a living today," the McKinsey Global Institute reports. “Millions of people assemble various income streams and work independently, rather than in structured payroll jobs." With the gig economy expanding, many professionals choose to veer off the traditional career path and pursue opportunities that allow flexible schedules, respect work-life balance and have them spend much less time at a desk, especially one tucked into a soul-crashing cubicle.

The McKinsey report, however, also points out that of the four segments of independent workers, two (the free agents and the casual earners) choose the lifestyle and enjoy it while the other two (the reluctants and the financially strapped) prefer a different arrangement but become freelancers out of necessity. Although freelancing is a common option for those dreading the traditional work environment, if you don't want to find yourself in “the reluctants" or “the financially strapped" segments of independent workers, you can certainly consider other options. Follow the three-step process outlined below and find a position that aligns with your interests, offers security and -- most importantly -- takes you away from the desk.

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