Paying for College

Financial Aid Smarts

You could take the title of my post here one of two ways. The first way might suggest that that financial aid can be hurtful (as in "it smarts"). That could be true if your aid package is inadequate for your needs. That puts the hurts to you and your family. The intent of this post, though, is to equate "smarts" with "savvy," "knowledge," or "intelligence." So, I hope to inform you about being smart regarding financial aid.

It seems as though there must be an endless list of special days, weeks, months, and even years out there to "celebrate." I'll bet you didn't know that April is Financial Literacy Month—a perfect time for families to take stock of their education and money goals. If your financial aid, such as grants, scholarships, work-study and federal loans, comes up short, it's time to have a family conversation about how to make up the difference.

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