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Financial Aid Forms: The CSS Profile

Every January, I recall filling out all the financial aid forms form our two children when they were going through their college years. It took a lot of self-discipline and motivation. Both my daughter and son went to private institutions, so I was required to do three separate financial aid forms for each of them every year they were in college.

Our daughter began her undergraduate years five years before our son did. Thus, across nine years, I had only one year off from filling out a FAFSA, CSS Profile, and college-specific form. Add to that doing my own long-form income taxes, and you may see why I still remember those dark, cold January weekends sitting with bleary eyes, calculator, and stacks of papers.

I found the biggest challenge to be estimating my taxes every January. Most tax filers don't have their final numbers until later in the year, closer to the April 15 submission deadline. Since you may be in that same situation right now, I thought I would share some wisdom with you from an article I found on How To Submit Your CSS Profile With Estimated Income Tax Information, And Update It. The article's preface states:

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