Financial Aid for Single Mom Returning to College

Question: I am a 39-year-old single mom who wants to go back to college for a second degree. I graduated in 1994 with a bachelor of science degree from a state college. I had a solid work history until this economic downturn. I am almost out of Unemployment benefits and really want to go to college for a bachelor of arts. The college I want to attend is a private college. I filled out my FAFSAand my EFC is 0. But I also understand that because I have a degree, I can't get any grants. I already don't know how to pay my rent once my Unemployment runs out and I am very concerned that my dreams of have a career I love may be impossible. Are there any other resources available to someone in my position?

Unfortunately, you are correct when you say that you are not eligible for grants … at least not for grants that come from the U.S. government. You may, however, be eligible for Federal loans … depending on how much money (if any) you borrowed when you were in college two decades ago. Of course, you might be reluctant to take on a lot of debt, and I can't blame you.

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