Preparing for College

Financial Aid & Admission for Green Card Holder

Question: Is a green card holder an international student ? I just came to US in 2012 and now I am a junior and study in a NJ high school. Can I get admission to a tech college and can I get financial aid?

Good news … a Permanent Resident (green card holder) is eligible for US Federal financial aid, just as US citizens are.

Bad news (only maybe) … I can’t predict if you will be admitted to the tech colleges on your list. This will depend on your grades, test scores, recommendations, etc.

But more good news … unlike in many countries abroad, there is such a wide range of colleges and universities in the US that all students will be admitted somewhere. So just make certain that your “stats” (mainly this means the classes you chose, the grades you earned, and your SAT or ACT scores, where required) are appropriate for the colleges on your list. If you think that these stats make your top-choice college a “Reach,” be sure that you have “Safer” options on the list as well.

Finally, because you recently came to the US, if English is not your first language most colleges will require that you take the TOEFL or another test of English proficiency. So be sure to read application instructions carefully to see if this applies to you.

(posted 11/3/2012)