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Talkin' Smack-a-demic: February '14
OK, who else is seriously over it? We sure are! Over the Polar Vortex. Over cabin fever. Over trying to figure out which box is which on our tax forms. And we are most definitely over any rejection letters we got in the mail recently. We’re moving on to that new-new, Punchers—and speaking of fresh, how do you feel about the cleaner, brighter College Confidential? Hopefully it’ll bring you perspective as we march into the next phase of future-rocking college goodness!

Rejected From My Dream School … What’s Next?
Yep, it’s that old familiar sting of rejection that no one likes but everyone must endure at least once. Will you cope or crumble? If you choose the former (and we know you will), punch your commiseration card at the door.
Student Loan Crisis: How Middle-Class Kids Get Hammered
According to a recent L.A. Times article, it would appear that middle-class families get the short end of the stick when it comes to paying for college. See what other College Confidential members are saying about the issue.
4-Year Plan: Smart High School Scheduling
Critical thinking helped one high school grad enter college as a sophomore—could you do the same? Get ahead of the game with expert course planning.
Edu-Gaming: Next-Level College Prep & Learning

Wanna think like an MIT student? There’s totally an app for that. College prep now involves dinosaurs, dancing cats, and bank robbers—welcome to the future!

Do Males Have the Advantage as Minorities in College Admissions?

CC member pHyRe7 wants to know what’s with the majority of current college students being female? "Is there an inherent bias, or are girls better applicants in terms of ECs and essays?” Have an opinion? Weigh in here.

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