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Strangers in the Niiiiight...

Have you found yourself these days gazing restlessly from moonlit balconies, wondering if that special one for you is out there somewhere? Well, great news, PUNCHers: Your perfect school—your SuperMatch, that is—could be just a click away. Let our “fuzzy matching” system connect you with schools that have everything your heart desires, as well as some backups that come pretty darn close. It’s like online dating for college. Now, how perfect is that?

Speaking of perfection, the College Confidential mobile app for iPhone and Android is here! Enjoy instant mobile access to CC forums, Admit This!, Ask the Dean, and School Spotlight blogs—all from the convenience of your handy-dandy phone. Be sure to download the free app today.

February is also that magical time of year when young students’ fancy turns to thoughts of… FAFSA. Meet the federal application, get important FAFSA deadlines (some as early as this month), and learn common mistakes to avoid when completing the forms.

Burning question for you, PUNCHers: Do you like us? Like, like us, like us? If so, show some love by heading over to our fun-filled Facebook group pages for College Confidential and CollegeView. With loads of valuable admissions info, up-to-the-minute student chatter, and chances to win all kinds of cool college-related stuff, you’ll get that warm, tingly feeling back in no time.


Elsewhere this fine February…

  • Attention international students… PUNCH is excited to announce that registration for Hobsons’ Virtual Student Fairs is now open! Online fairs let you talk live with admissions reps from U.S. colleges and universities, all from your home computer. Simply click here to register and you’ll also get a chance to win as much as $12,000 (USD) in scholarships. See you at the fair!
  • Defying frigid temperatures, the admissions game heats up for prospective students of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
  • China is the subject of much global discussion these days, and College Confidential is no exception. Join the debate sparked by Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother—a controversial new book about Chinese parenting—and learn why the author’s daughter loves her strict Chinese mom.
  • Staying fresh in the minds (and candidate files) of prospective schools is important. Our Sally Rubenstone has advice for tweaking your résumé and sending update letters. You can also check out some tips for writing a killer cover letter.

Here’s a little Valentine’s Day pearl of wisdom for you, PUNCH pals: You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Use the powerful tools at your disposal to be sure that you’re leaving hearts a-throbbin’ and eyes a-googlin’ in your wake, as you continue your quest for the perfect college experience.

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It's still not too late to start your year off with a PUNCH! Our January issue of PUNCH discusses those dreadful rejection letters and what you can do to get back in the admissions game with your head held high.


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Expert advice from Sally Rubenstone – author, counselor, parent, and admissions guru

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