Extracurriculars that Strengthen College Applications

Question:  Thank You so much for all the great information you share on this forum! I have been getting tons of great advice for my kids. My daughter is in freshman year. Her career goal is to be a pediatrician or dentist. Besides taking relevant AP subjects and marching band in school, what extra-curriculars (individual and team) in school or outside can she do that are good enough to be counted or make an impact towards her college admission/application? Are programs such as ‘Science olympiad’or ‘US First robotics’ worth the time and effort? I recently read your post mentioning Intel & Siemens science competitions and have been looking into those too.

 I appreciate your kind words about College Confidential and am pleased that our site has been helpful to you as you begin to wade through the college quagmire.   In response to your current question, here are some suggestions:

If your daughter is taking challenging AP classes and getting good grades (meaning mostly A’s and B’s) in them and if she is active in marching band, then “The Dean” assures you that she will have many college options and can then, in turn, prepare herself for medical or dental school.

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