Extracurriculars: Should I Shoot Movies or Hoops?

Question: I am now an incoming sophomore and I was wondering if you can give me some guidance. Ever since the sixth grade, I found enjoyment in spending the majority of my free time making videos and aspired to a career in film. To be specific, I mainly want a career in film editing.

I also play basketball and am pretty decent at it but I don't want to play in college. High school basketball has been quite the commitment from my point of view. I did fairly well, earning the defensive player of the year award, but after spending hours after school every single day and hours every summer day it was hard earned and used A LOT OF PRECIOUS TIME. It got in the way of academics A LOT and this meant hours away from continuing the exploring of film editing. And the biggest part is, I do not enjoy playing basketball. I'm only doing it for the possibly false belief that it will help me more on an application than going to film camps and practicing advanced editing.

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