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Express Your Test Anxiety for Better Math

Confession may be not only good for your soul but also for your performance on math tests. Yes, researchers have penetrated yet another mysterious stronghold of the human psyche and discovered that students who took the time to articulate their test anxiety fears in writing did better on a following math test. This is almost like going on Oprah and admitting that your new book was completely plagiarized and then having it become a best seller. Well, maybe not exactly that dramatic.

I have to wonder if this exercise also applies to other areas of both academic and personal life. Could we do better on the SAT if we wrote a few well considered paragraphs addressing our SAT fears? Maybe we could even extend that concept to dating or learning to drive a car. Who knows? My personal view is that this process releases pent-up emotions that, when pressed down inside us, inhibit our "smart" juices from flowing. It's kind of like eliminating a bottleneck or a kink in a hose. Damn the test anxieties, full success ahead!

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