(Even) More on Common Application and Supplemental Essays

Are you tired yet of learning about Common Application and supplemental essays? I hope not, because essay writing is a crucial part of your college application process.

My post today will be the last of this series on essays, at least for a while. As I mentioned in my three previous posts, I’m using as examples real-life essays taken from my client files of past years. I have had the pleasure of dealing with a large number of superb high school seniors who have gone on to the Ivy League and other so-called “elite” colleges and universities.

The advantage of seeing actual “live” essays is being able to sample what kinds of writing worked to help applicants succeed in getting into schools where the competition ranges from fierce to almost impossible. Many times, seeing is believing, although in today’s world, sometimes we can’t even believe what we see. Let me assure you, though. None of the essays I’ve used in this series have been Photoshopped!

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