Established High School or New One?

Question: We are moving to Texas and are evaluating two high schools for our child's sophomore year. The district we are looking at is well rated; however, as soon as existing high schools hit a certain student enrollment, they build new high schools to keep the student body at the pre-determined ideal size. We have an option of a high school that is a nine out of 10 on GreatSchools and has received awards, or we could choose a brand-new high school set to open this coming school year. This would be advantageous to my shy child who will then be in the same boat as the other students looking to make new friends; however, I am concerned if my child will be at a disadvantage when applying for college if the school doesn't have an established reputation/has not received national recognition due to its newness. We also have the unpredictability of its future success even though the district is highly rated. How do colleges view students coming from new/relatively new high schools?

College admissions officials evaluate candidates in the context of the high schools they attend. Thus, applicants from “highly-ranked" schools may be viewed through a somewhat different lens than those from less touted ones, but typically neither option automatically gives a student a better shot.

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