Essay Tips for Rising Seniors

If you are a rising senior this summer and you think of yourself as a sub-par writer, you may be concerned about the application essay challenges that await you this fall, or maybe even later this summer, in case you're a go-getter. I once heard Jerry Seinfeld do a standup bit where he noted that a recent survey showed that people fear public speaking more than death (!). If you've ever had to stand before a public group or even your high school classmates to speak, you may know what Seinfeld was talking about.

College essays are a close cousin to public speaking. Of course, you're not standing in front of a crowd, but your essay will be viewed by a group of strangers — the college admissions committee readers at the colleges to which you apply. That thought alone may be enough to birth fear inside your heart and keystrokes.

Thus, I thought I would address those of you who may be experiencing anxiety about the Common Application's essay challenge, as well as all those pesky supplemental essays that colleges love to torture you with. One of my coaching mantras is, “Knowledge and familiarity breed confidence."

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