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Elite-College Admission for Twins

Question: My sister and I are identical twins. We are best friends who share everything including GPA and SAT score (our totals are 10 points apart). We're co-valedictorians so far, but I may end up as #2, probably depending on my AP Calculus BC grade. Our extracurricular activities are almost identical too and so is our college list. At first we were both going to apply early action to Harvard, but my parents are afraid that because the admission people will view us as so similar, they would have trouble deciding between us and might be inclined to take neither, since we're so alike. My dad said that one of us should try for Harvard EA and the other for Yale EA, which we both like a lot, too. We could then possibly apply to the other's colleges under regular decision, if we should be lucky enough to get in and decide we want to try to stay together. But my mother says that we might stand a better chance if we apply to the SAME college EA because being clones of each other would make us stand out. What do you recommend? We have a bet going here.

How lucky for you to have a built-in confidante and soul mate! Being an identical twin sounds like a big plus, but it probably won't give you a boost in elite-college admission offices. While I do think that admission officials at many colleges might agree with your mom--that two heads are indeed better than one--competition at the hyper-selective schools is simply too keen. In other words, Ivy League colleges probably won't view being part of a top-performing duo as an admissions "hook."

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