Effects of Crowed Dorm Room on Freshmen?

Question: Have there been any studies conducted that suggest the optimal living situation for freshman students (single, double, triple, quad ...)? My daughter just entered her freshman year at a small liberal arts college and the room--clearly designed for two--is housing three students. All students in the honors dorm are similarly housed, and I question the overcrowding and how this may negatively impact her academics.

I don't know if any freshman housing studies have been done, but I suspect that there have been many. After all, what topic these days hasn't been studied ad nauseam? And, of course, any time there's a question with a common-sense answer, it somehow seems that thousands of dollars are spent researching it anyway. Certainly, the common-sense answer here is that students crowded into too-small dorm rooms will often have less study time and added stress. It's usually easier for two roommates to coexist rather than three or four. The more bodies squeezed into a small space, the more likely it is that there will be multiple sleeping schedules and study schedules ... and many multiple visitors.

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