Effects of High School Change--and Country Change, Too

Question: How will a college/university admissions officer consider grades/GPA if I moved to a different school in a different country half way through high school, especially when my former school only provides unweighted GPA out of 4.0 and my current school only provides weighted GPA out of 4.8? Will this greatly affect my chances of getting in?

College admission officials are accustomed to evaluating students who attend more than one high school. Although it's less common for them to see applicants who relocate to a new country during their high school years, that's still familiar turf for most of them. So, for starters, you don't have to worry that your move will have any negative impact on your admission odds. In fact, it could actually turn out to be at least a small plus because the admission folks will value your bi-cultural experience, especially if you are able to point out the highlights in an essay or interview or in the “Additional Information" section of your applications.

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