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Is Early Graduation Mandatory Here?

Question: I wanted my daughter to graduate a year early. She is in 11th grade but the guidance counselor has put her in senior homeroom. I have since changed my plans, and now I want my daughter to finish four years of high school. However, the guidance counselor says that, because my daughter has already completed the required four English and four math classes, she must be in a senior homeroom and graduate this year (after just three years of high school). Is this true?

We don't know where you live and where you daughter attends school, but--even if we did--we could only speculate on the regulations that govern high school enrollment there. However, with that disclaimer in place, we can tell you that it sounds as if the guidance counselor may be annoyed by your change in plans and/or inconvenienced by the need to switch your daughter's homeroom placement and schedule. It seems as if a student should be entitled to spend four years in high school, if she so chooses.

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