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Early Decision Then Transfer?

Question: I am a high school senior and am wondering if, in applying early decision, there are any terms that prohibit transferring to a different college for the second semester. If you apply early decision are you making a commiment to attend your university for four years or just for one semester?

There's no rule that we know of that prevents an early-decision applicant from transferring out after one semester, however doing so could be stressful and probably even costly (e.g, new application fees, possible moving expenses). It seems that, while no one can guarantee that a student/school match will bring true love, you should not apply ED without the conviction that the college in question is right for you. (Since you indicate that you're a senior, we wonder if you've already been admitted ED and are now questioning your choice. This happens sometimes, and, if so, you should focus on the pluses of this place that initially attracted you. Perhaps an overnight on campus will help get you psyched.)

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