Early Decision for Questbridge Finalists?

Question: I'm a low-income student who plans to apply for the Questbridge program's College Prep Scholars Junior year and College Match Senior year. How does applying Early Action/Decision work out if you are still waiting on results from the College Match? Do you still go ahead and do things normally or do you wait for regular decision to roll around?

Questbridge offers a wonderful opportunity for deserving disadvantaged students to earn a full scholarship at a top college. But it does come with a trade-off. If you are a senior waiting for results from Questbridge's National College Match, you are not allowed to apply anywhere via Early Decision. Most Early Action applications are off limits, too, with some exceptions. (Follow the “rules" page link, below to read about them.) Questbridge finalists who participate in the college ranking program and are matched with a Questbridge partner college are obligated to enroll at that college. (The four-year free ride and other perks that come with the Questbridge acceptance can make that obligation pretty easy to swallow.) 🙂

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