Early Action to MIT Plus Early Decision to Penn?

Question: If I apply Early Decision to Upenn can I also apply Early Action to MIT? I know that if I get into UPenn then I will have to go there which is fine as they are actually my first choice (business), but am I also allowed to apply early action to MIT. MIT's website was very clear: “MIT Early Action is an option for all applicants, domestic and international. Our Early Action isn't single-choice, binding, or anything like that. If you choose to apply to MIT during Early Action, we do not place any limits on where else you may apply, nor do we require you to attend if admitted (though we sure hope you do!) " However, I could not find the answer in Penn's website.

You CAN apply Early Decision to Penn and also Early ACTION to MIT.

Oddly enough, Penn imposed a weird new rule this year saying that their Early Decision candidates can't apply Early ACTION to other private institutions. But apparently they caught a lot of grief for it (maybe they heard what “The Dean" was thinking 😉 ) so a couple weeks ago they recanted!

This frees you up to submit concurrent Early applications to both Penn and MIT, as long as you understand (and you clearly do) that you must attend Penn if you're lucky enough to be accepted by both schools.

Good luck!