Preparing for College

Is Eagle-Scout Status an Admission Plus?

Question: I am an Eagle Scout. Will this help me gain admission to a highly selective school like Berkeley?

Being an Eagle Scout will definitely impress admission officers at top colleges. However, as you probably realize, it won’t replace outstanding grades and test scores. In fact, large state universities like Berkeley rely on a student’s “numbers” more than on other data and certainly more than smaller, private colleges do.

Nonetheless, your status as an Eagle Scout will indeed show admission officials that you have a level of commitment and knowledge that many other candidates do not. Moreover, some admission officers have a soft spot for the adherence to old-fashioned values that scouting represents.

Make sure that, when you submit your applications, you not only clearly indicate that you are an Eagle Scout but also offer a brief explanation of what you had to accomplish to earn the title. If you have expertise in an usual area as a result of your Eagle Scout projects, then this will also be a plus in the admission process.

By the way, your message suggests that your name is Melissa. An Eagle Scout called “Melissa” would really turn admission folks’ heads! :-) (Bet that’s not you, though.)