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Due Diligence in College Selection

Okay. Let's say that you're a a rising high school senior, or even a rising junior who is thinking heavily about where to go to college. Maybe you're the parent of a senior or junior and you've been pondering this whole college selection process for some time. Well, it's now time to think about due diligence and how that plays a part in picking the college where much of your money will be spent and where you (or your child) will come under the "in loco parentis" influence. By the way, due diligence is defined as "Reasonable steps taken by a person in order to satisfy a legal requirement, especially in buying or selling something." Consequently, you'll be "buying" a college lock, stock, and barrel, so you have to be diligent about purchasing such a significant product.

I don't usually respond here to the many notices I get from PR firms and promotional persons to highlight products, services, books, or even articles. However, I think that an article that appeared on the Time Ideas Web site yesterday is worth noting. It was written by Dan Edmonds and Time has graciously given me permission to reproduce Dan's complete article here. It's entitled "Campus Scandals and College Admissions: What Applicants Should Know." In a recent post here, I discussed the Penn State Sandusky scandal, so Edmonds' article is a timely addition to the scandal literature, so to speak.

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